7 April 2016

The Stuttgart Spring Festival on the grounds of the Cannstatter Wasen.

Anyone can drink beer and enjoy the beer tent atmosphere in September and October!

We chose spring!

In order to start the year in a friendly atmosphere, like every year (2016-2019), the whole team met again to enjoy a few beers and a few grilled chickens together.

For some of us who grew up with it, having a nice evening at a folk festival between the beer tent, chicken roastery, Ferris wheel, lottery and shooting galleries is something very commonplace. For others in our team it was a completely new experience and maybe also a culture shock… But after the initial overwhelming shyness, everyone’s curiosity got the better of them and getting involved with the atmosphere and having fun.

We celebrated for a long time and turned night into day… But don’t worry, the next day everyone was fit and full of energy back to their projects!

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