Energy Mechanical & Material Engineer


26 October 2022
Localisation: Baden-Württemberg (DE)
Category: Energy



Your responsibilities

  • Familiarization with the steam generator plugging technique and equipment


  • Leading the Test procedures and validating the solutions. Analyzes and follow-up in laboratory. Pressure, Lead, Thermal aso.


  • Testing and commissioning of validation equipment.


  • Review of the existing qualification files and identification of gaps


  • Support to the development and innovation team.


  • Establishment of technical documents: test program, test report, qualification report.


  • Testing and improvement of the plug removal process

Your profile

  • PhD, Engineer or Master’s Degree


  • Experience in mechanical design, maintenance or material


  • Able to work in team and being rigorous


  • Interest for the energy sector, ideally some knowledge of electricity provider process.


  • Fluent in English, French or German is a plus.

We offer

  • Exceptional projects: international and multidisciplinary in a wide variety of sectors. Finding the perfect subject for our Great Consultants and building bridges between countries, people, and professions are our daily matters.
  • Attractive and crystal-clear employment contracts with solutions adapted to each individual’s situation. Whether it is about the location selection, the transportation means, or the fiscal and international theme, we know pretty well.

  • An evolutive career path, tailor-made and planned as you join the team. We plan for the achievement of objectives in successive stages, professional training, the evolution of the market, and the happiness of the different life phases you will go through.
  • A responsive team with a sense of family and a passion for technologies and our profession. We understand the importance of balancing one’s professional and personal life to benefit everyone.
  • Decentralized responsibility. Be the owner of your subjects and schedules. Here, trust is acquired from the start and maintained over time.
  • An independent, certified, and responsible own-capital company. With an excellent reputation, recognized in its sector, and managed according to healthy and ethical values.

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